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All New VA Disability Guide: Getting the Veterans Benefits You Deserve

POSTED BY: Jon Corra · September 4, 2013

If you are a Veteran who has applied for VA Disability Compensation, at some you point you probably felt lost. You may have even stated that a guide to VA benefits would be helpful. For the most part, no such guide existed, and any helpful information out there was vague and difficult to understand. All of that will soon change with the all new book: “Getting the Veterans Benefits You Deserve.” Written by attorney Jan Dils, this follow up to last years “Getting the Social Security Benefits You Deserve,” will serve as guide to Veterans going through the VA Disability process. With over 60 pages of information, including definitions, sample forms, and detailed explanations of the process, this book will be helpful to first time applicants as well as Veterans who have struggled for years.

For close to 20 years the Attorneys and staff of Jan Dils Attorneys at Law have been dedicated to assisting individuals in getting the benefits they deserve. While focusing on Social Security Disability for a majority of the past two decades, Jan found a real passion for assisting Veterans. Several years ago we started representing Veterans for their Disability claims, and it is now a large part of our firm. After seeing how convoluted the process was, Jan decided to write this book to help Veterans navigate the process a little easier. After writing the Social Security book last year, this was the next logical step for us.


“Getting the Veterans Benefits You Deserve” will be available later this month. Be sure to check back often to see how you can get your copy soon. In the upcoming weeks we will dive a little deeper into to this book and explore all it has to offer. If you are interested in what the professionals at Jan Dils Attorneys at Law can do to help you get the Veterans benefits you deserve, fill out this form now for a free consultation.