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How Range of Motion Impacts Your VA Disability Claim

Regardless of their branch of service or Military Occupational Specialty, most Veterans had a physically demanding experience while serving. This is obvious for Veterans who served in combat, but it may not be as obvious for those weren’t in combat. Everyday life in the Military is physically demanding. Everything from ruck marches to the type…

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Rural Veterans Face High Suicide Risk

Most national reports state that, on average, 22 Veterans take their lives every day. Obviously, this is an alarming rate, and that number may actually be on the rise. However, many people don’t realize which Veterans are at risk. Some suggest that Veterans with depression and/or PTSD are more at risk, but simply saying that…

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Which Disability is Claimed the Most by Veterans?

I’ve been working with Veterans for more than nearly six years. At this point, there aren’t a lot of things that surprise me. Don’t get me wrong, I still love what I do, and if this blog is any evidence of my passion, I don’t see that passion going away anytime soon. When something does…

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Does the Way a Veteran Look Impact Their PTSD Claim

I know, it’s absurd to think that the way a Veteran looks could impact his or her VA Disability claim. Before I worked for a law firm I would have laughed it off and said that it could never happen. I mean it’s a claim for disability, not a beauty contest. It turns out that…

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6 Examples of Poor Non-Combat PTSD Stressors

I am actually still surprised sometimes about how many people read this blog each month. Thousands of people view it, click on links, and a few even call the office based on my blog posts. One particular post I wrote recently has gained a lot of traffic and generated a lot of calls. The subject…

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Helping Veterans Prepare for Independence Day

When I realized that Independence Day was only a few weeks away I decided to re-share the blog I wrote last year pertaining to Veterans and fireworks. In that particular post I wrote in detail about how Combat Veterans struggle with this holiday and shared tips for the holiday. As I shared this post to Facebook,…

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An Open Discussion Regarding Military Sexual Trauma


Most of the blogs I write are light hearted and informative. However, there is something that has been on my mind a lot lately that I want to discuss. It’s no secret that Military Sexual Trauma affects many individuals who serve in the military. While I have blogged about this subject in the past, I…

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