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You may be entitled to thousands of dollars in back pay

It’s no secret that the VA Disability process is confusing. There isn’t a lot of information available, and much of the information that is available is outdated or incorrect. This becomes even more evident when our attorneys and staff discuss back pay with Veterans. Many Veterans aren’t aware they can receive back pay for their…

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Who is Considered a Veteran?

There are a lot of questions you must ask yourself when you are applying for VA Disability Compensation. What conditions are related to my time in service? Which doctors have I treated with for these injuries? Will my family be taken care of if something happens to me? However, one simple question you may forget…

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Helping Veterans Prepare for Independence Day

When I realized that Independence Day was only a few weeks away I decided to re-share the blog I wrote last year pertaining to Veterans and fireworks. In that particular post I wrote in detail about how Combat Veterans struggle with this holiday and shared tips for the holiday. As I shared this post to Facebook,…

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